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Faculty professors



Wen-Chuang Lin     


Associate Professor and Head of department
EducationPhD of Nursing, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Science School of Nursing, Taipei, Taiwan.
CoursesTeaching PrinciplesProfession and ethicsNursing Theory 
SpecialtiesAdult NursingHealth EducationQuantitative and Qualitative Researchspiritual care
Phone(Office):886-2-2822-7101 Ext.3263/3313
E-mail Address: wenchuan@ntunhs.edu.tw


Chien-Huei Kao

Associate Professor

Education:PhD in Nursing,Ulster University U.K

Courses:Qualitative research、Midwfeery and Practice、Advanced Nurse Midwifery Practium

Specialties:Women Health、Maternity care、Qualitative research 

Phone(Office):886-2-2822-7101 Ext.3267

E-mail Address: chenhuei@ntunhs.edu.tw

English Curriculum Vitae


Meei-Ling Gau


EducationPhD University of Maryland at Baltimore

Courses:Breastfeeding and Clinical Application、Nurse-Midfery Practium、Advanced Nurse Midwifery Practium、Introduction to Midwifery and Women Health Reserch、Research Methods Design

Specialties:Breastfeeding、Maternal and child frendly birth 、Women Health Care

Phone(Office):886-2-2822-7101 Ext.3260

E-mail Address: meeiling@ntunhs.edu.tw

English Curriculum Vitae


Yu-Ying Lu

Associate Professor

EducationPhD Nursing,Queensland University of Technology Brisbane,Australia

CoursesHealth Assessment and Practice、Physical Assessment and Practice、Case Report、Research Methods Design

SpecialtiesMaternal & Newborn NursingWomen HealthQuantitative ResearchSymptom Management

E-mail Address:yuyin@ntunhs.edu.tw

English Curriculum Vitae


Hsueh-Fen Chou 

Assistant Protessor

Education:PhD Saint Louis University(USA) 

Courses: Midwifery and Practice 、Women Health、Research Methodology

Specialties:Matermal-Infant Nursing、Women Health Care、Menapausal Nursing

Phone(Office):886-2-2822-7101 Ext.3262

E-mail Address: hfchou@ntunhs.edu.tw

English Curriculum Vitae


Chia-wen Lee

Assistant Protessor

Education:PhD of Nursing,Case Western Reserve University,USA

Courses:Midwifery and Practice(1)and(3),Health Assessment for Advanced Practice  Midwifery,Physical Examination,Midwfifery Practice

Specialties:Mental Health for Peripartum Women Mindfulness-based Interventions

Phone(Office):886-2-2822-7101 Ext.3680

E-mail Address:wenwen@ntunhs.edu.tw

English Curriculum Vitae


Tzu-Ling Chen

Assistant Protessor

Education:National Yang-Ming Chiao-Tung University(National Yang-Ming University)

Courses:Midwife-nursing internship、Women Health、Nurse Midwifery 

Specialties:Women health Promootion、Postpartum depression、Feeding interaction、Preconception healthcare

Phone(Office):886-2-2822-7101 Ext.3681

E-mail Address: tzuling@ntunhs.edu.tw

English Curriculum Vitae


Li-Li Chen

Assistant Protessor

EducationPhD of Nursing, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Science School of Nursing, Taipei, Taiwan.

CoursesMidwifery and practiceWomen Health CareNurse Midwifery Field Experience

SpecialtiesPerinatology Nursing Care, Gentle birth, Breastfeeding, Birth environment

Phone(Office):886-2-2822-7101 Ext.5901

E-mail Address:lilichen@ntunhs.edu.tw

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Phone(Office):886-2-2822-7101 Ext.5902

E-mail Address: chuyi623@ntunhs.edu.tw

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Chih-Chen Yang 


EducationMaster of Nursing, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Science School of Nursing, Taipei, Taiwan.

Phone(Office):886-2-2822-7101 Ext.3266

E-mail Address: chihchen@ntunhs.edu.tw

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