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Undergraduate Program

        The curriculum provides knowledge related to nursing and midwifery similar to the educational standards for training midwives in the United States and meets the qualifications for the midwifery license examination under Taiwan’s “Midwifery Personnel Act.” It offers comprehensive nursing training, emphasizing both theory and practice and the development of practical skills. The curriculum is designed based on the core concept of gender mainstreaming, with women as the focal point. The learning content covers the life cycle of women, from adolescence to pregnancy, adulthood, and menopause, and the appropriate care for each stage, to cultivate midwifery and women’s healthcare skills in response to clinical and community needs. The curriculum includes 10 credits of school-developed general education courses (4 credits in core competencies and 6 credits in liberal arts), 26 credits of professional core courses (including 12 internship credits), 14 credits of elective courses, and 22 credits of professional foundation courses, for a total of 72 credits.